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Adelaide Buyers Rushing to Find Land and Apply for HomeBuilder

First home buyers are rushing to find vacant land across Adelaide to access $25,000 under the Government's HomeBuilder package. The latest data from REA shows a remarkable rise in enquiries for vacant land - up over 100% in June alone.

This increase in enquiries also appears to be flowing through to higher sales. Comparing monthly sales between 2019 and 2020, there has been a clear divergence since the announcement of the HomeBuilder policy in June.

What does this mean for buyers? If you want to access the HomeBuilder package then you will need to secure land fast - there is strong competition in the market that will continue until the scheme is discontinued at the end of this year.

We have assisted first home buyers secure $25,000 by finding land in Adelaide over the past month. By leveraging our network of agents and builders, we can fast track the process of finding land and a suitable builder.

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