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February Property Market Update

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

In the last quarter of 2018, Victoria and New South Wales continued to underperform the national market. However, the outlook for rents remains positive as they are expected to grow in all states except New South Wales, despite the declines in house prices. First home buyers and owner occupiers are the main sources of support for prices, while foreign investment remains weak.

As the Australian economy remains strong, it’s unlikely that the overall price declines in the eastern states (peak to trough) will be significant, unless credit conditions deteriorate. Our recommendation continues to be for investors to look to Adelaide as a source of stability for investment.

Which suburbs offer the best potential?

In the chart below, we outline suburbs that investors should consider. Our selection is based on a combination of construction forecasts that indicate supply changes (or lack thereof) and factors like immigration and infrastructure projects that are good predictors of demand shifts.



Adelaide continues to be the second strongest market in Australia behind Hobart. House prices are forecast to continue their resilience for the next few years. A higher share of owner occupiers in the market has protected Adelaide from the downturn seen in the eastern states.

South Australia’s state planning policies have been released. These policies guide how Adelaide’s suburbs will be developed in the coming years. The policies outline how higher levels of immigration will be managed and this will support house prices.

A lot of growth is being driven by interstate investment as investors seek higher returns Areas of growth are expected to be in Athelstone, Blakeview, Mt Barker, Port Noarlunga, Salisbury and Seaford.

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