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The 5 Characteristics of Successful Property Investors

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

From years working with investors, we've found that there are 5 qualities that typically influence how successful an investor will be. Even if you don't have these characteristics yet, they are qualities that all budding investors can aspire to.

1. They are Goal Oriented

Being goal-oriented and having a long-term view are critical qualities for investors. Property is very rarely a short-term investment, unlike investing in other asset types such as shares. Anything worth doing requires a good plan and willingness to execute.

2. They are Disciplined

The best investors also possess the discipline to stick to their goals despite any hiccups along the way. Patience and discipline are crucial qualities because successful long-term investing can sometimes require postponing big purchases, such as a new car or TV, or expensive overseas holidays in the short-run. If you can do this then property investing is for you.

3. They are Bold

Successful investors spend the time researching the best suburbs and property types, but they don't hesitate. They are confident in their actions and move quickly to secure the right investment property. Once their first property has been purchased, they move on to achieving the next goal as part of their investment journey.

4. They have a Strong Support Network

Good investors are good at delegating tasks. They know that a team of specialists supporting their investment journey is better than going alone because it saves time and allows them to leverage the skills of others. They also understand that to do anything well in life, you need a good coach who has experience and the results to match.

5. They Learn From Mistakes

We all know that investing doesn't always go to plan. Good investors don't let past setbacks dictate their decisions in the future - they learn from them. In particular, the most successful investors are not discouraged when something unexpected happens, but they view these events as opportunities to learn and grow.

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