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The Top 4 Investing Myths

1. It’s expensive

Of course it can be - if you invest in the wrong type of property that requires a lot of maintenance, high body corporate or strata fees or remains vacant for extended periods. Keep in mind that costs your investment property incurs, including interest on the loan, can be tax deductible. It is important calculate these things before you acquire a property.

2. It’s too risky for me

There is some risk in everything you do. It is very important to understand your appetite for investment risk. Logical, simple property investment strategies backed by research minimise this risk. Focus on properties with high land content and within the median housing price bracket.

3. I don’t have enough money

You don’t need thousands of dollars to begin investing in property. You could potentially own an investment property from $17 per week - and we can show you how.

4. I don’t want to lock my money away

Your money is not locked away. Typically to fund the purchase of an investment property you would use equity in an existing property to fund the deposit and associated purchasing costs. Your tenant and tax minimisation strategies can make investing in property very affordable and the equity you achieve (growth) in your investment property can be leveraged to invest in additional property or other asset classes.

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