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Top 5 Target Properties for Subdivision in Adelaide (April 2023)

Each month we're releasing the top 5 Adelaide properties that we have assessed as ideal for subdivision. In this April edition, we cover 5 properties in Adelaide's northern suburbs that offer an affordable entry price and significant upside for savvy investors.


Property 1: 13 Princess Drive, Modbury

Key strengths:

  • Planning approval for 3 new double storey dwellings already secured

  • Corner allotment with great potential

  • Located on a quiet street


Property 2: 10 Pompoota Road, Modbury

Key strengths:

  • Located in a high density zone

  • Potential for subdivision into 3 or 4 with council permission

  • Close to playgrounds and other amenities


Property 3: 9 Bruce Crescent, Highbury

Key strengths:

  • Corner allotment with great potential

  • Hills views and located in close proximity to Anstey Hill Recreation Park


Property 4: 29 Amber Road, Highbury

Key strengths:

  • Large block (780sqm)

  • Potential to subdivide into 3 double storey homes


Property 5: 5 Meka Court, Pooraka

Key strengths:

  • Significant block size (1180sqm)

  • Potential to fit multiple dwellings subject to council approval


If you have any questions and want to get in touch with a Property Investment Coach, please click the link below.

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