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Top 5 Target Properties for Subdivision in Adelaide (March 2023)

Each month we're releasing the top 5 Adelaide properties that we have assessed as ideal for subdivision. In this March edition, we have found a great selection of properties that our models have found to offer excellent subdivision potential.


Property 1: 38A Seaton Terrace, Seaton

Key strengths:

  • High-growth suburb

  • Under 5 minutes from the beach

  • Large block (1,363sqm)

  • Opportunity to build two detached dwellings


Property 2: 958 Lower North East Road, Highbury

Key strengths:

  • Views over Hope Valley reservoir

  • Planning approval for three double storey dwellings

  • Large block (1,781sqm)


Property 3: 2 Rowney Avenue, Campbelltown, SA 5074

Key strengths:

  • Fits 3 detached properties

  • Close proximity to the city

  • Great location in Adelaide's north eastern suburbs


Property 4: 26 Fairview Terrace, Clearview

Key strengths:

  • Affordable starting point for a first-time investor

  • Located in a suburb with great potential

  • Only 20 minutes from the city


Property 5: 25 Finniss Street, Marion

Key strengths:

  • Potential to fit 5 properties

  • Concept drawings available to start the development

  • Significant potential uplift


If you have any questions and want to get in touch with a Property Investment Coach, please click the link below.

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