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Top 5 Target Properties for Subdivision in Adelaide (May 2023)

Each month we're releasing the top 5 Adelaide properties that we have assessed as ideal for subdivision. In this May edition, we cover 5 properties in Adelaide that offer an affordable entry price for first-time developers and significant upside.


Property 1: 1 Koala Place, Woodcroft

Key strengths:

  • Planning approval for 5 new dwellings already secured

  • Supply-constrained suburb offering significant capital growth potential

  • Located less than 30 minutes from Adelaide's CBD


Property 2: 17-19 Fleming Avenue, Ridgehaven

Key strengths:

  • Development approval for up to 14 dwellings

  • Close to public transport and shopping centres


Property 3: 14-18 Evan Avenue, Salisbury

Key strengths:

  • Wide frontage (70 metres)

  • Close to three well-known schools (Kings Baptist Grammar School, St Augustine's Parish School, Salisbury Primary and High, Tyndale Christian school).


Property 4: 13 Swan Street, Greenacres

Key strengths:

  • Potential to subdivide into up to 3 dwellings

  • Located in close proximity (under 15 minutes) to Adelaide's CBD


Property 5: 38 Second Avenue, Moana

Key strengths:

  • Significant block size (1670sqm)

  • Close proximity to the beach

  • Potential to fit multiple dwellings subject to council approval


If you have any questions and want to get in touch with an Investment Coach, please click the link below.

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