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Adelaide Property Experts

We have helped Adelaide property buyers for over twenty years.


Property Investment Coaching has been recognised for its excellent track record helping first home buyers and investors to save money and achieve the best results.

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Who We Are

Our Executive Team


Shayne Holmes

Managing Director

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Bettie George

Head of Business Development

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Sam Holmes

Lead Data Scientist

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Matt Witts

Property Strategist

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Jess Lee

Business Development Specialist

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Coaching Buyers To Achieve Success

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Step 1: Financial Assessment

Step 2: Wealth Planning

Step 3: Property Assessment

Step 4: Property Handover

Step 5: Future Investment

How The Journey Started

Property Investment Coaching was founded by Shayne Holmes who had a vision to provide quality advice to first home buyers and investors.


After working as a broker for a number of years, Shayne realised that he could add more value by helping clients with every step of the property buying process. This is how Property Investment Coaching came into existence.

Property Investment Coaching provides unparalleled advice to its clients by combining proven investment strategies and data-driven insights.

What do Property Investment Coaching clients think?

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