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Use a coach to start investing and get access to proven strategies that help you grow your property portfolio.


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How Property Investment Coaching Helps You

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Wealth Goals

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You Will Gain A Superior Understanding of the Adelaide Market

From over twenty years working in the Adelaide market, we know it better than most. While other property investment companies will offer cookie cutter research on the market, we can offer tangible insights to help you invest with confidence. Some of our clients' recent acquisitions are showcased below.

Ascot Park (July 2022)

Purchase details

Asking price: $650,000

Purchase price: $620,000

Deposit: $124,000 (20%)

Stamp duty: $27,930

Total cash required: $151,930

Purchase price + purchasing costs: $647,930

Net annual cash flow return: $31,620

Net yield on property: 5.10%

Cash on cash returns

1-year return on equity (actual): 104%

5-year return on equity (forecast): 355%

10-year return on equity (forecast): 858%

 Capital growth

  • Strategic location

  • Low floor area ratio

  • Instant equity

Seaford (October 2022)

Purchase details

Asking price: $810,000

Purchase price: $800,000

Deposit: $80,000

Stamp duty: $37,830

Total cash required: $117,830

Purchase price + purchasing costs: $837,830

Net annual cash flow return: $37,600

Net yield on property: 4.70%

Cash on cash returns

1-year return on equity (actual): 63%

5-year return on equity (forecast): 176%

10-year return on equity (forecast): 652%

High yield

  • Low vacancy rate 

  • Proximity to the beach and schools

  • Low maintenance

Angle Vale (March 2022)

Purchase details

Asking price: $590,000

Purchase price: $540,000

Deposit: $108,000

Stamp duty: $23,530

Total cash required: $131,530

Purchase price + purchasing costs: $563,530

Net annual cash flow return: $22,410

Net yield on property: 4.15%

Cash on cash returns

1-year return on equity (actual): 102%

5-year return on equity (forecast): 376%

10-year return on equity (forecast): 745%

 Capital growth

  • Emerging and fast-growing location

  • Large 4 bedroom home

  • Favourable demographic trends

The Benefits Of Becoming A Member

Property Investment Coaching gives investors access to exclusive investment opportunities that are not available to individual investors. 

When you work with an Investment Coach, you have someone working to ensure your investment is a success.

You get access to group buying discounts from builders - increasing your equity instantly.

You also get Adelaide's best property investment research at your fingertips.

Our edge is your benefit.

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Success Stories



Nick came to us in 2014 with a goal in mind - to build a property portfolio and retire by the age of 40. With our help, in 6 years Nick has well and truly exceeded his goal and is on track to grow his portfolio of properties across Australia.


The main problem that Nick faced was that he was time poor (working overtime in his job) but had a lot saved. He couldn't dedicate the necessary effort to start investing. 


With an investment coach, Nick was able to scale his portfolio quickly. As the value of his initial investments in Adelaide grew, Shayne showed him how to leverage these gains to purchase further properties to expand his investment portfolio. Nick now has 5 properties worth over $2 million with annual rental income of $84,000.

Tom & Belinda

Tom and Belinda were initially referred by a friend in 2012 to contact Property Investment Coaching to buy their first home. Because their parents had never purchased a house, Tom and Belinda were looking for guidance through the process.

After building their first home, they decided to try their hand at growing a small investment property portfolio. They started by building 2 houses on a large block of land in Seaford. After a few years, their equity had grown sufficiently to venture north, where they built another two properties. Now they have a large portfolio of properties across Adelaide. 


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